About Me

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Hi, I’m Sarah.

I am a force-free CPDT-KA certified trainer. I love to have fun with my dogs.

I began my career as a dog trainer at the Edmonton Humane Society leading a variety of group classes and individual training sessions. From my time there, I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

I enjoy watching my students gain confidence with their dogs and what I find makes dog training such a rewarding profession. It is my goal to teach students how to better communicate with their dog while having fun in the process. Each dog and student pair is a new puzzle for me to solve.

I currently have two dogs that keep me busy in agility.

Chewed Slippers Photography-16Fury

Fury has several trick titles, participates in barn hunt, and passed her herding instinct test. Yes, she can herd sheep!

In 2017 Fury and I started competing in agility. We’ve had a lot of success together in a short amount of time. Fury is the 2018 and 2019 Canadian UKI National Agility Champion in her division.IMG_6510

Watch Fury in action:

UKI Nationals 2019 video here

UKI Nationals 2018 video here


Epi and I started competing in 2018 and is an up and coming agility star.

Watch her:

UKI Nationals 2019 video here

EO World Tryouts 2018 video here





In the meantime we dabble in local disc competitions and are also in stock dog training with the aim to compete next year.



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StrathCanine is a proud member and supporter of the Alberta Force Free Alliance.