Agility Classes

Come learn the exciting and rapidly growing sport of agility!


Details coming soon!


Beginner Agility                   

In this class, dogs and handlers will be introduced to each piece of equipment and foundation handling techniques will be covered. Dogs must be 6 months of age or older to participate in class and basic obedience commands are strongly recommended.

Starter Handling                            

This class will introduce more handling skills and short sequences to give you and your dog the skills you need to run full courses. The teeter and weaves will be introduced in this class.

Starter Courses                       

Each week students will run a starter level course. Watch your dog gain speed, confidence and distance.

Advanced Agility                        

More advanced handling skills such as backsides, treadles and sends will be covered and practiced over small sequences.

Obstacle Performance

This class is designed to allow students more individualized time on equipment to proof skills learned in earlier classes. Each student can work at their own pace to practice weaves, contacts, start lines etc and build up from there.


Classes are 4 weeks long and cost $135.00.

Please read the Agility Group Class Policies and Group Classes Waiver before singing up.


Payment required in full to hold your spot in classes.

E-transfers can be sent to:     password:agility

Please Note: A dog that displays excessive barking, lunging, or aggressive behaviors will be excused from class and a private training session will be required.